Sunday, 18 December 2016

Shankarpale and Sopaipilla

Shankarpale are one of my favourite sweet snack. They're made by frying diamond-shaped pieces of pastry until crispy, golden brown and later tossing them in sugar syrup. Once the syrup air dries, it forms a sweet film on the pastry, a bit like frosted cornflakes, but only better! I like to have my sweet shankarpale with a cup of hot Masala Chai and a good book. The only trouble is that these take longer to fry than gobble up!
Check out my Sweet Shankarpale recipe here.
Another version of Sweet Shankarpale is Goad Puri.

Sopaipilla is a similar Spanish recipe. Roughly translated, sopaipilla means oil-soaked bread. It's made my adding shortening to leavened dough, and then frying triangular or rectangular shapes. The fried dough, like sweet shankarpale forms a hollow pocket in the centre. Once fried, it is immediately dusted with icing sugar. Check out Tori's recipe here.

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