Thursday, 18 May 2017

Samosa and Spanakopita

Samosas are a popular snack across the country. They're eaten by themselves as a snack or served with chole and chutneys as a chat. Samosas have a triangular shell made of crisp and flaky outer pastry, with a flavourful and aromatic filling. Traditionally, the filling has a base of potato with an occasional addition of peas but these days, there are numerous popular versions like chicken, meat or even vegetable fillings. Popular stores have their own samosa recipes that differ in shape, size and taste. These samosas are usually known by the name of the store that makes them.

Spanakopita is a Greek recipe. Spanakopita is made by layering buttered filo pastry and filling it with a spinach-cheese filling. Although traditionally a pie, one often sees newer versions of this recipe that place the stuffing into triangle shaped filo pastry, making it similar to the almighty samosa!

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