Friday, 18 November 2016

Kakdichi Koshimbir and Tzatziki

Kakdichi koshimbir (काकडीची कोशिंबीर) is an accompaniment to meals but is occasionally served as a replacement to bhaji. It's usually served with poli, masale bhaat or mugachi khichadi. To make this, start by grating peeled cucumbers and let it sit for a while. Later, squeeze out its water by pressing it between your palms. Next, add thick yogurt and season it with salt. Make the tempering by heating oil and adding cumin seeds, split green chillies and asafoetida. Once it cools a little, pop this into the bowl of cucumber and yogurt.Add finely chopped coriander  Give it a good mix. Bon Apetit!

Tzatziki is a very similar Greek accompaniment and perhaps a more popular one. It is made in a similar way but flavoured differently. Tzatziki is flavoured with garlic, dill and olive oil. It's commonly served as a sauce with grilled meats, pita bread or gyros. To make tzatziki, peel the cucumbers and either finely dice or grate them. Pop them into a cheesecloth-lined strainer and let the water drain out overnight. Before serving, mix in yogurt, lemon juice, crushed garlic cloves chopped dill and salt.

Check out Anetta's tzatziki recipe here.

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