Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Coconut Wadi and Cocada

I think Naral Wadi/ Coconut Wadi ( नारळ वडी ) is the best use one can make of coconuts. Although Kol Pohe ( कोळ पोहे ) come close, Naral Wadi wins hands down. It's sweet but not too sweet. I like it best the day it's made, right before it sets completely. That way, it's set on the outside but slightly soft/chewy on the inside! It doesn't stay like that for long though but it tastes delicious even after it's set and firm. To make these, simply pop all the ingredients in a pan and cook 'em. Then, transfer the mixture into a tin, let cool and eat! It's very simple to make and perfect for beginners. That is of course, assuming you're careful around the hot stuff when putting it an the tin.

Checkout my recipe for Naral Wadi here.

Cocada is a similar recipe from Latin America. While both recipes are made from fresh coconuts, the cocadas are baked in the oven to achieve a golden, soft and chewy dessert. Usually garnished with almonds, these sweet treats are sometimes even quenelle shaped.
To make cocadas, click here.

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