Saturday, 5 March 2016

Semolina/Rawa Ladoo

Ladu is a generic term for sweet sugar syrup soaked rounds. Traditionally, these are a part of the 'faral' (फराळ ), made during Diwalli but can be eaten whenever you're hungry! These ladus use Semolina and coconut. 

Recipe for Semolina/Rawa Ladoo:

Makes ~14 Ladoos

Semolina, Coarse Variety100 gms
Semolina, Fine Variety100 gms
Granulated Sugar200 gms
Fresh Coconut, Scraped80 gms
Cardamom Powder1/2 tsp
Saffron (Optional)A few strands
Slivered Almonds (Optional)3-4
Water~75 ml

How to make Semolina/Rawa Ladoo:

1.If you are the lucky ones who can lay hands on peeled almond slivers, you can skip this step.For others, soak the almonds in hot water for about an hour and peel them.Now cut or slice out thin slices.
2.In a pan, mix the two varieties of semolina along with scraped fresh coconut and dry roast them. Many add ghee/tup at this step but I prefer to skip it.
3.Once nicely roasted to pinkish colour (it also exudes the aroma) let it cool in a shallow plate.
4.In another pan, add sugar and saffron. Add ~ 75 ml water to it and boil to make a 1 thread syrup.
5.Add the semolina and coconut mixture to it.Add the cardamom powder and almonds.Mix well.
6.Keep mixing the mixture for atleast 3- 4 minutes.This helps the semolina absorb the syrup uniformly and give the ladu a nice texture.
7.Let this mixture cool down. Keep stirring it at regular intervals.
8.The mixture should be dry enough to form ladoos that retain its shape.This should take about 3 - 4 hours.We make small ladoos, about the size of a table tennis ball but you can make them in whatever size that you like.

*The consistency of the sugar syrup is important in the recipe. If it is too thin, it may take too long for the mixture to be dry enough to form ladoos and if it is thick, then the semolina won't get enough time to absorb the syrup and the ladoos will end up being dry.

Also the fresh coconut has to be roasted well, lest it reduce the shelf life of the ladoos.

These ladoos will stay well on the worktop for about 8- 10 days.
Each of the 14 ladoos will give ~130 calories.

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