Sunday, 28 February 2016

Jaggery Kharvas

This is another variant to kharvas, which uses jaggery instead of sugar. Saffron isn't added to this recipe since the jaggery imparts it's own beautiful colour.

Recipe for Jaggery Kharvas:

Serves 3

Bovine Colostrum125 ml
Milk125 ml
Jaggery35 gms
Cardamom powder1/8 tsp
Nutmeg Powder1/8 tsp

How to make Jaggery Kharvas:

1.Usually, frozen cheek is available in my local dairy. If yours is frozen aswell, you need to thaw it and bring it to liquid consistency.Then pour it in a pan and add milk,jaggery,cardamom powder and nutmeg powder to it and stir until the jaggery dissolves.Stir well and have a spoonful to make sure it tastes sweet enough. Pure colostrum doesn't taste very palatable, I learnt it the hard way. So, you want to taste the mixture after everything has been mixed in!
If you're using cow colostrum use cow milk, while buffalo milk is to be used with buffalo colostrum. So, it is important to know the source cattle when you buy the colostrum.*
2.Pour this mixture into the steaming container. Baking tins work very well.
3.Meanwhile, heat the pressure cooker with a little water. and place a shallow and wide container inside it. The steaming container will rest on this container, so that the water won't seep into the kharvas.
4.Once the water in the pressure cooker begins to boil, immerse the steaming container and close the lid without the weight. Steam for 15 minutes, turn off the heat and remove the steaming container after waiting a further 5 minutes. Let it rest on the counter top.
5.Once the kharvas cools down completely, it's ready to be cut (traditionally, into squares) and served.

Kharvas is eaten by itself, as a dessert or snack.

This recipe gives ~480 calories.

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