Friday, 19 February 2016

Awala Sarbat Concentrate

Awala Sarbat tastes great but requires fresh awale, which aren't available throughout the year. Making this concentrate will ensure that you've enough awala sarbat (सरबत)  to last until the next Indian Gooseberry harvest.
The ready sarbat
with the concentrate in a bottle to it's right

Recipe for Awala Sarbat Concentrate:


Awala250 gms
Ginger25 gms
Sugar 270 gms
Water1/3 cup

How to make Awala Sarbat Concentrate:

1.Wash, pat dry and grate the ginger and awala, discarding the later's stone and grind them along with the juice of the lemons.
2.Strain the mixture thoroughly through a fine sieve, squeezing the pulp to extract all of it's natural juices.
3.Boil the sugar and water to a hard ball consistency. Once it has reached the desired consistency, take it off the heat and wait for 10-15 seconds before adding the extracted juices to it.
4.It might seem that the mix is about to turn into a solid lump but keep stirring it continually and in a few seconds, the sugar will begin to dissolve.Keep stirring until the sugar is completely dissolved.
5. Once cool, store in a clean airtight jar away from sunlight.

To make the sarbat, add 2 Tbsp of this concentrate to 250 ml of chilled water along with a pinch of salt. Each glassful will give ~130 calories.

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