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Rawa-Besan Wadi

Wadi (वडी) is a type of Maharashtrian accompaniment that is usually square-shaped and is either sweet or savoury. The sugar in the sweet wadis helps it set. A good wadi will give in to the bite and melt in the mouth.It is neither chewy nor brittle. The Indian version of praline is Chikki and is made very differently from wadis. Hence the two shouldn't be confused.
The savoury wadis don't have sugar in them and are hence usually steamed to firm up, then fried to crispy perfection.This recipe uses Rawa (Semolina) and Besan (Chickpea Flour) as base ingredients.

Makes ~30 1"x1" squares

Recipe for Rawa-Besan Wadi:


Semolina,Fine Variety1 Cup
Gram Flour/Besan1 Cup
Ghee1/2 Cup
Sugar1+1/2 Cup
Water3/4 Cup
Cardamom Powder1/4 tsp
Almonds, SliveredA few
SaffronA couple strands

How to make Rawa-Besan Wadi:

1.Sauté the rawa in a little bit of ghee (~2 tsp), until it changes colour.

2.Sauté the besan in the remainder of the ghee, until it changes colour and doesn't smell 'raw' anymore. You'll need more ghee to sauté the besan than the rawa.
3.Mix the sugar and water in a pan and heat them on medium-high heat for ~3.5 minutes. We are aiming for a very sticky one-thread consistency sugar syrup (पाक). To know how to determine the consistency of the syrup, check this out.
4.Now place whatever you are going to set the wadis in, on the counter top. A deep dish or even a swiss roll tin will work great. It's important to keep everything ready before you mix all the components, since they set very quickly. I learnt it the hard way! Also, a silicone spatula is handy to pat the mix into a flat surface.
5.Now, mix the roasted besan and rawa together, along with the cardamom powder, slivered almonds and saffron.
6.Next add the sugar syrup to this mix and keep stirring to remove any lumps. Stir until you start to feel resistance from the mixture. At this point of time, turn out the mix into your tray and pat it to form a 'slab'.You need to be very quick, since you only have ~45 seconds until it sets firm. If you don't stir it enough, the wadis will not set. The running around is worth it in the end, trust me.
7.After you pat the mixture, score the slab into squares after about 2 minutes.
8. Let the mixture cool completely, after which, cut the wadis along the ridges that were scored earlier.

The wadis stay well on the countertop for 8-10 days in an airtight container.

Each square will give ~80 calories

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