Friday, 16 October 2015


Potato or बटाटा  is an extremely versatile root vegetable.Most commonly consumed as fries and crisps,it is used in a number of soups, salads, raitas and bhajis.A quick and easy dish to prepare is Kachoris, where the potatoes envelope a delicious coconut filling.
The root is indigenous to the Andes mountains of South America and was popularised throughout the world via means of colonisation and trade.
Most of the root's nutrients are stored right below it's skin so it's really not a good idea to peel and then consume your potatoes! Thechlele Potatoes is a bhaji that uses unpeeled (clean!) potatoes to make a delicious bhaji. That way you can have your nutrients and eat your potatoes too! If you're not up to consuming potato skins, you could try Potato Kachrya which uses peeled and sliced potatoes.Both are extremely lip-smacking.
You might notice that there isn't much difference between the spices used in both these bhajis but the skins in the the Thechlele Potatoes gives it a taste and texture that's very different from that of the Potato Kachrya.
Another easy snack is Potato Kees. Potato starch is also used to make a dessert called Potato Kheer. I'll post that recipe later.

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