Thursday, 1 October 2015


Makes 6

For the cover:
Potatoes                     500 gms (about 4 medium sized)
Salt                            To taste  (about 1/2 tsp)
Green Chilli                 1/4 tsp, Finely chopped
Corn Flour                   3 to 4 Tbsp

For the filling:
Fresh Grated Coconut   100 gms
Green Chilli                  1 tsp, Finely chopped
Sugar                          1 Tbsp
Salt                             To taste
Cashewnuts                 6, Finely sliced
Raisins                        10-12

Oil for frying

For the White Chutney:

Dahi/Curd                    6 Tbsp
Water                          100 ml
Green Chilli                  1/4 tsp, Finely chopped
Salt                             To taste
Sugar                          2 tsp
Corriander                    To garnish

For Green Chutney:

Fresh Coconut             60 gms
Corriander                    20 gms
Green Chilli                  2 small
Salt                             To taste
Lemon juice                  2 tsp


1. Boil potatoes and mash them well while still warm.Keep aside to cool.
2.Once cool, add salt,green chilli and cornflour to the potatoes.
3.Mix all ingredients for the filling .
4.Divide the potato dough into 6 equal sized balls.Flatten each one into a wati (bowl)-like shape, and place the filling in the centre of it.
5. Pull the edges together, gently, and gradually roll into a ball and subsequently into a flattened shape (like a Patty)
6.Heat the oil and fry the kachoris on a medium-low flame.
7. Fry until golden. Serve hot.
8.For the White Chutney,whisk the curd and add the chilli, salt and sugar.Add water and mix well. Refrigerate. Garnish with coriander just before serving.
9.For the Green Chutney, add all ingredients in a grinder and grind well.The texture of the chutney depends on your preference.While some people like it a little coarse,I like mine to be fine.

*If the potato mixture becomes very sticky(it depends upon the type of potatoes you use), you could use cornflour or sago flour(that my granny used during fasting) to help resolve the problem.The consistency of your potato mixture should be that of a soft-yet-firm lump-free dough.

Note: Traditionally,the kachoris are served only with the white chutney but we like them with green chutney as well.

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