Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Semolina Crêpes/ Rawyache Ghavan

Semolina crêpes or Rawyache Ghavan (रव्याचे घावन) takes me back to my childhood. Coming home after school, sitting cross-legged, mum would warm rawyache ghavan. I would watch the butter melt and triccle down the ghavan, before escaping through the pores to the bottom of the plate. Then, it was a matter of minutes before I had finished this disc of delicious goodness!

Recipe for Semolina Crêpes
Makes ~9-10 Ghavan

Semolina (Fine Variety)3/4 cup
Rice Flour2 Tbsp
Yogurt3 Tbsp
Water1+1/2 Cup
Onion20 gms,Chopped
Coriander 1 Tbsp, Finely Chopped
SaltTo Taste (~3/4 tsp)
Green Chilli~1 Small, Finely Chopped
Cumin Powder1/4 tsp
OilAs required
How to make Semolina Crêpes:

1.Mix all the ingredients with half a cup of water and let the mixture rest for 10-15 minutes.This will allow the semolina to soak up moisture and ensure that the ghavans turn out crispy.
2.Once rested, add the remaining water and form the pancakes like you normally would, in a non-stick pan. Optionally, add a little oil to the sides, to get a crispier texture and better taste.

These need to be consumer warm, optionally with a knob of butter!

*If you would like the ghavans to be thinner and crispier, then add another 1/2 Cup of water during Step 2.

This recipe will give ~600 calories in addition to those of the oil, which will be added according to personal preferences and tastes. 

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