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Panagi/Rice Pancakes

Panagi (पानगी) is a traditional breakfast recipe from the Konkan region, where rice is harvested in abundance. So, the grain forms an integral part of Konkani cuisine. Panagis are ever so slightly sweet with an inviting aroma and a soft fluffy texture.This recipe is extremely simple, but what makes it shine is the way it is cooked. The panagis are steamed on turmeric or banana leaves, which impart their respective flavours to the panagi.
The banana leaf gives a more subtle flavour, whereas the turmeric leaf has a much stronger aroma to impart. If you can't lay your hands on either leaves, a piece of parchment paper works just as well, although the panagi wont have the flavour of the leaves !
Turmeric Leaf 

Recipe for Panagi or Rice Pancakes:
Serves 3


Rice Flour1/2 Cup
Oil or Ghee1 tsp
Milk80 ml
Water150 ml
SaltTo Taste (~1/8 tsp)
Sugar1 tsp
Turmeric or Banana leaves as required

How to make Panagi or Rice Pancakes:
1.Mix the the rice flour,salt ,sugar and oil/ghee in a bowl.
2.Add the milk and mix well. Then add water in small batches to adjust the batter to a thickish consistency. Make sure it is a smooth batter sans any lumps.

Determining when the Panagi is done

3.Heat a non stick pan and lay a piece of the leaf on it. Spread a ladle full of batter on the leaf and cover it with another .You will need fresh leaves when you repeat the process for the next panagi. Cook on medium flame.
4. Flip it carefully and cook the other side as well. You know the panagi is done, when the leaf has brown spots and the panagi peels off easily from the leaf.

Serve warm with white butter and pickle.

The recipe will give ~700 calories.

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