Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Oli Karanji

A Karanji (करंजी) is calzone-shaped with a sweet filing and crispy covering. It's a common preparation during Diwali that everybody loves to eat.

Makes ~10 Karanjis

For the covering:

Rawa/Semolina100 gms
Maida 100 gms
For the filling:
Fresh Coconut 180 gms, Scraped
Sugar 120 gms
Cardamom Powder 1 tsp

OilFor Frying

1.To make the covering, make the dough like you would for Goad Puris (follow steps 1,2,3 and 4)

2.In a cold pan, mix the scraped coconut, sugar and cardamom powder.Heat the mixture until the sugar dissolves and the mixture leaves the sides of the pan.Let it cool.
3.Roll out fairly thin discs of the dough(4-5 inches in diameter).Try to keep them as round as possible as it will ensure a good end product. Alternatively, you could roll out a big piece of dough and cut out circles with a large cookie cutter.
4.Now place the filling on one semicircle of the covering staying away from the edges.
5.Now fold the covering over the filling,sealing the it inside the karanji without any air-gaps.
6.You can crimp the edges like I did or leave them plain.Fry the karanjis.

Store the karanjis in an airtight container and they'll stay good for a week.

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