Saturday, 28 November 2015

Banana Shikaran

Banana Shikaran (केळ्याच शिकरण) is a quick and easy accompaniment to poli. Most Maharashtrian kitchens rely on this last minute recipe and you could even have it by itself for breakfast because it's pretty healthy. You can whip it up in minutes, since it has only 3 ingredients.
Recipe for Banana Shikaran:
Serves 1


Banana1,Medium Sized
Powdered Sugar1 tsp
Milk100 ml

How to make Banana Shikaran:

1.Peel and cut the banana lengthwise and get rid of the mushy seeds.Then cut the halves into thin slices
2.Mix the sugar and milk.Then add the chopped banana.Your'e done!

* Traditionally a peeled banana, in its entirety is mashed with granulated sugar, to which milk is later added.I prefer to chop the deseeded bananas since i don't like the gloopiness of banana.You can make your shikaran either way.

This is served with fresh, hot poli.You can eat countless polis with this simple recipe.
This recipe will give you ~161 calories

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