Saturday, 24 October 2015


Coriander is a fresh, aromatic herb that easily adds freshness to any dish. It is also known as dhania, Chinese parsley and cilantro.In Marathi, it is called कोथिंबीर. Being an annual herb it is available all year round and is used in a number of dishes.

The herb is most commonly used as a garnish, which ensures retention of flavour, colour and form.

The stalks have more flavour than the leaves but are sometimes a little tough to eat. They're added to some recipes like, amtis (or daal as you may know it) for added flavour during cooking and are later discarded.
Coriander is a staple ingredient for green chutneys like Coriander Chutney.
A pesto-like coriander-mint paste makes a lip-smacking Green Rice aswell.
Another delicious recipe that you can make is called coriander wadi ( कोथिंबीर  वडी ) which uses coriander leaves and gram flour to make fluffy dhokla-like squares.
Coriander seeds are used to make numerous dry ground spices that are added to bhajis and amtis.
Coriander is diuretic, anti-inflammatory, helps digestion and treats cough and cold.

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