Friday, 22 April 2016

Homemade Guava Jelly

Homemade Jelly isn't as daunting a task as it sounds. My mum grew up eating it all the time. It can be eaten with poli or in a sandwich or by itself to satiate midnight sweet cravings!
To make this batch we have used pink guavas(लाल पेरू), hence the jelly has a beautiful colour. We've also tried the same recipe with figs. You could use any fruit that you want but do check it's pectin content before you begin jelly-making. Pectin is the naturally occurring chemical that helps set the jelly hence, a high pectin content is what we're looking out for. Also, use ripe fruit since the jelly will then set properly.
This is what our Pink Guava Jelly looked like.
We usually don't make large batches of fruit jelly at a time since (A) we prefer it fresh and (B) the fruit to jelly ratio is low. So, to make a big batch, I'll have to get a large pot and sterilise the jars etc. Since I'm not particularly keen to do all that work, I make smaller batches and gobble them up!

This recipe doesn't need any store-bought preservatives or aditives. Its all natural and made right under your nose! It's healthy, cheap, fast and simple!

Recipe for Homemade Guava Jelly:


Pink Guava (Ripe)300 gms
WaterAs required (refer to recipe)
Sugar As required (refer to recipe)
Lemon Juice1 tsp

How to make Homemade Guava Jelly:

This is what Pink Guavas look like
1. Wash and dice the ripe guavas.
2 .Transfer these cubes to a pan, adding just enough water to cover them.
3. Boil the two on low-medium heat, until the guavas are thoroughly cooked, then turn off the heat. Do not stir the mixture vigorously since we want to keep the juice and fruit separate.
4. Once the boiled fruit-cubes-and-water mixture has cooled, strain it. We want only the liquid and hence do not force the fruit through the sieve. Just tap the sieve to collect as much liquid as you can.
5. Once you collect the thickish liquid measure it and add the required amount of sugar and stir to dissolve. The ratio of sugar to strained liquid is 3/4 cup Sugar : 1 cup strained liquid. This way you can use any fruit and still follow the recipe.
We've used the same recipe to make fig jelly
 and this is what it looks like.
6. After the sugar dissolves, strain the liquid once again to remove any sugar impurities.
7. Now set to boil until a drop of mixture dropped into water retains it's shape.
8. Once done, add lemon juice and stir well. Take the ready mixture off the heat and pour into a container.
Let it cool completely before you seal it. You're done!

If you've tried this recipe using any other fruit, do let us know in the comments below.

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