Friday, 29 January 2016

Sweet Appe

Appe(अप्पे ), charachterised by their dome-like shape, are a typical coastal recipe. They can be either sweet or savoury, but the recipes for the two vary greatly. The savoury appe are made with a mixture of a number of pulses while the sweet ones use a base of semolina.
These appe are a popular staple in our kitchen. They taste great warm or cold, although I prefer them warm and can be consumed 'on the go'. They're conveniently packed as snack at school and are an easy breakfast recipe. Like always, sweet appe can be made in a number of ways, but this is my family recipe!

Recipe for Sweet Appe:

Makes 14 Appe


Semolina, Fine Variety110 gms
Jaggery60 gms
Coconut Milk100 ml
Fresh Coconut, Scraped15 gms
Cardamom Powder1/4 tsp
Ghee2 Tbsp + for shallow frying
Cashewnuts, Roughly Chopped (optional)A few

How to make Sweet Appe:

1.Grate or microwave the jaggery to break the rocks. To that, add the semolina and coconut milk and mix well. Let this mix rest for a minimum of 6-8 hours. I prefer to make this the previous day and let it rest overnight.
2.After the mix has rested, add fresh scraped coconut, cashewnuts and cardamom powder along with 2 tbsp of melted ghee. Mix it well. Now, this mixture should have a dropping consistency.If required, add a little water.
3.Next, heat the Appe Patra (अप्पे पात्र). Add a drop of ghee in each depression.Then add a generous spoonful of batter.
6.Cook them on low-medium heat, covering the mould only for the first minute. When the appe bottoms have a deep golden-brown colour and leave the walls of the depression, carefully flip them over and cook the other side uncovered.

'Appe Patra' or Appe Mould

* It is important to let the semolina-milk mixture rest so that the semolina not only absorbs the flavours but also softens, which will make the appe light and fluffy.
* Coconut milk can be substituted with milk but it wont taste the same. If you're making this for the first time, please use coconut milk.

Appe are enjoyed by themselves as a snack or breakfast.

This recipe will give ~1349 calories.

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